The 3 Cs of Suicide Crisis Response -- Connection, Collaboration & Choice: Interview with Dr. John Draper | Episode 19

The Strategy and Technology of Suicide Crisis Response

NOTE: This podcast aired on 9/11/18 at 10AM ET

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Early in his career Dr. John Draper had a lightbulb moment when he was on suicide watch for patients while they were being "treated" with isolation and restraints; he thought "we can do better." Today, John is one of the global leaders transforming crisis care for people on their worst day. He has helped spark an evolution through his leadership of the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline by using data, standards of excellence and the input of people with lived experience to continually improve care.

One area of focus for John is virtual support. We have a significant gap between mental health treatment and support resources and the need for these services, and technology can help us meet those needs. Virtual support can offer a spectrum of benefits and is desirable due to its efficiency, cost-effectiveness and anonymity. In this podcast John talks about the many new evidence-based technology resources that help us reach people in the way they want when they want it.

For the Lifeline, the future holds great promise for new directions in tele-crisis response as recent legislation for the National Suicide Hotline Improvement Act recently passed. This legislation supports a national feasibility study on the benefits of moving to a three-digit mental health crisis support number (like 911, but for emotional crises) to "supercharge" access. 

John closes with a very clear call to action on how best to support people in a suicide crisis -- the "3 Cs": Connection, Collaboration and Choice. Tune in to hear more!

About Dr. John Draper

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Dr. Draper has over 25 years of experience in crisis intervention and suicide prevention work, and is considered one of the nation’s leading experts in crisis contact center practices (hotline, online chat, text services, etc.). Since 2004, Dr. Draper has been the Director of the SAMHSA-funded National Suicide Prevention Lifeline (800-273-TALK), overseeing all aspects of this service. As Exectuive Vice President of National Networks at Vibrant Emotional Health in New York City,  Dr. Draper and his team also administer the National Disaster Distress Helpline, the National Football League (NFL) Life Line, and partner with the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs in their operations of the national Veterans Crisis Line. In addition, Dr. Draper and his team were contracted to develop and launch the Crisis Text Line in 2012. Dr. Draper worked as a psychologist on a Brooklyn-based mobile crisis team in an earlier phase of his career, developed and launched New York City’s first 24/7 crisis hotline in 1996, and has maintained a private psychotherapy practice in New York City since 2000. 

Show Notes

Technology and Crisis Response

Teens and Screens -- should parents be concerned?

Evaluation of the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline

National Suicide Prevention Hotline Improvement Act

Grammy's Night

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