9 Best Tips for Effective Construction Suicide Prevention -- An Interview with Jorgen Gullestrup of MATES in Construction | Episode 2

Jorgen Gullestrup's LinkedIn profile lists him as a plumber and suicidologist; a Danish man from Brisbane, Australia. The truth is since 2007, he has helped revolutionize how the construction industry addresses suicide prevention, and his innovative strategies are now recognized internationally. Listen to his 9 top take-away tips from a decade of discovering best practices in moving an industry from awareness to action.


Jorgen Gullestrup, CEO MATES in Construction

Jorgen Gullestrup, CEO MATES in Construction

I first met Jorgen at the International Association for Suicide Prevention's World Congress in Oslo in 2013. Shortly after, he invited me to keynote at the Inaugural Mental Health Conference in 2014 in Brisbane: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d6MpBsQP7EY.

Mental Health Conference, Brisbane

Mental Health Conference, Brisbane

What inspires me most about Jorgen's MATES in Construction program, is that he has achieved a level of buy-in from the industry for suicide prevention that is unparalleled. More on MATES in Construction (Australia):  http://matesinconstruction.org.au/.

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In this podcast, Jorgen shares his own lived experience with suicide and his passion for this cause. He also covers the science and strategy behind MATES. Listen to the podcast to hear him give excellent advice on these 9 top take-away tips:

1) Start with research

2) Bring all the industry players together to build a unified approach

3) Play to the strengths and values of the industry

4) Build suicide prevention into the safety culture

5) Remove the barriers for engagement

6) Provide quality follow up services and outreach for people needing support

7) Build social capital through gratitude and recognition

8) Evaluate, evaluate, evaluate -- partner with researchers who can help you demonstrate ROI and continually improve your program

9) Make programs culturally specific -- "nothing about us, without us" 

Additional links covered in podcast here

Construction Suicide Prevention:

·       BLUEPRINT for Construction Suicide Prevention  http://actionallianceforsuicideprevention.org/resources/construction-industry-blueprint-suicide-prevention-workplace

·       www.ConstructionWorkingMinds.org -- clearinghouse of resources for construction suicide prevention

·       www.CFMA.org/suicideprevention -- national Construction Industry Alliance for Suicide Prevention. 

·       http://preventconstructionsuicide.com/

·       VIDEO: http://www.9news.com/money/business/how-a-local-construction-company-is-preventing-suicide/312618794

·       MATES in Construction (Australia):  http://matesinconstruction.org.au/

·       OzHelp (Australia): https://ozhelp.org.au/

·       MATES in Mind (UK):   https://www.matesinmind.org/about.html

Sally's keynote at the MATES in Construction Mental Health Summit: https://www.facebook.com/MATESinConstruction/videos/532899986883693/ 


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