A Warrior for Wellness -- One Man’s Epic Battle for Recovery: Interview with Gabe Howard | Episode 28

NOTE: This podcast aired on 1/29/19 at 10:00AM ET at https://www.spreaker.com/user/10987718/gabehoward.

After listening to many people describe their experiences with suicidal intensity, I and others have come to think about the clash between the will to live and the desire to escape unimaginable emotional pain as an “epic battle” between fierce forces. On one side is the warrior fighting to live, continuing to make future plans and persevering toward health and vitality. At the same time the pain this warrior is battling can be all-consuming.

In this interview we hear from one man about his “epic battle for recovery” and how he bolstered the strength of his inner warrior who fought valiantly for a passion for living. Gabe Howard is not just managing his bipolar condition and hanging on the edge, he is living well. In other words mental illness and mental well-being are two different dimensions.

About Gabe Howard

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In 2003, Gabe was formally diagnosed with bipolar disorder and anxiety and was committed to a psychiatric hospital. He weighed 550 pounds and had been living with mania for the better part of a year. He felt so hopeless that he rented an apartment so he could carry out his plan for suicide. AND at the same time he commenced treatment in the fight for his life.

Once his recovery was in motion, Gabe honed his writing and speaking skills and became an activist. Today he is fighting a new battle — one to end discrimination and prejudice for other people like him who are living with mental health conditions like depression, anxiety, bipolar and schizophrenia. He is an award-winning writer contributing to The Mighty and the NAMI Advocate and publishing My Mental Illness is an Asshole and Other Observations. In addition, he produces two podcasts: the Psych Central Podcast and A Bipolar, a Schizophrenic and a Podcast.

Gabe’s blog

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