How to Best Support Someone Living with a Mental Health Condition -- Interview with Kevin and Margaret Hines | Episode 5

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Meet my dear friends Kevin and Margaret Hines. Theirs is a true partnership, and I feel very honored to witness their love.

Being a caregiver for someone living with a major mental health condition like bipolar disorder is not easy. Let's be honest, our mental healthcare system is challenging -- even when people are mentally well, let alone when they are in the grips of a mental health crisis. Friends and family are often the overlooked links in the chain of survival. 

I had the pleasure of working closely with them as part of our founding board for United Suicide Survivors International (see video below). We got a chance to interview them in Denver not too long ago.

In this episode, Margaret and Kevin share what's worked for them. They share their very humorous story of how they met, and the serious commitment they have to stay mentally fit.

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Tips for caregivers include:

1. Making self-care a priority

2. Learning how to advocate for your loved one: "A closed mouth doesn't get fed."

3. Noticing patterns in behavior

4. Continually educating yourself, especially about medication options

5. Empowering people to take control of their lives


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